How We Got Started

About Clean Slate

Why We're Here

Clean Slate Janitorial Service is a company created to help local businesses experience the pride of ownership. And for service oriented workers to be in a space where they are respected and valued. When we deliver on that well, we in turn share the Clean Slate Experience.

We are a Team

We are a team of individuals who are trained to support and help you to focus on all the things that are important to making your business run.
Our success comes when:

  • Your team members are focused
  • Your business receives great reviews.
  • You can walk your facility with confidence
  • People enjoy visiting your space

After arriving and inspecting the floors I have to say I am very happy with the results. A HUGE improvement.

M. Gonzalez

I did a quick look around and I am impressed! This place looks so great! THANK YOU!!


I was able to speak with the Dr and he was so appreciative of your employee’s honesty. He recognizes that your team member didn’t have to say anything, but they did and this is a clear example of why we appreciate everything you all do for us.

K. VanCleave

We’re very pleased with results of the exterior of our building. Thanks to you and your team.

K. Hawes